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Breeds Selection

There are only four pure Indian breeds of chicken are available.

1. Aseel
  • It is noted for its pugnacity, high stamina, majestic gait and dogged fighting qualities.
  • The popular varieties of Aseel are, Peela (Golden red), Yakub (Black and red), Nuri (White), Kagar (Black), Chitta (Black and white spotted), Java (Black), Sabja (White and golden or black with yellow or silver), Teekar (brown) and Reza (light red).
  • Pea comb, bright red wattle and ear lobes, long neck and strong legs
2. Chittagong
  • It is also known as Malay.
  • Dual-purpose bird.
  • The popular varieties are buff, white, black, dark brown and grey.
  • Pea comb, red ear lobes, over-hanging prominent eyebrows, feather-less shank
3. Kadaknath
  • The skin, beak, shanks, toes and soles of feet are slate-like in colour
  • Comb, wattles and tongue are purple.
  • Most of the internal organs show intense black colouration and varying degrees of black colour are seen in the skeletal muscles, tendons, nerves, brain etc. The black pigment is due to the deposition of melanin.
4. Busra
  • Medium sized bird, deep bodied, light feathered and alert in nature.
  • Poor layer.
  • Wide variation in body colour

Breeds of Poultry

Breeds from Central Avian Research Institute (CARI), Izatnagar

Desi Types / Backyard Types

  • The literal meaning of Aseel is real or pure. Aseel is well known for its pugnacity, high stamina, majestic gait and dogged fighting qualities. The name Aseel appears to have been given to this indigenous breed because of its inherent qualities of fighting.
  • Andhra Pradesh is said to be the home of this important breed. The best specimen of this breed, although rare, are encountered with the fanciers and the people engaged in cock-fighting show through out the country.
  • Aseel is larger in built with noble looking and dignified appearance.
  • The standard weight varies from 3 to 4 kg for cocks and 2 to 3 kg for hens.
  • Age at sexual maturity (days) 196 days
  • Annual egg production (number) 92
  • Egg weight at 40 week (g) 50.
CARI SHYAMA (Kadakanath Cross)
  • It is locally known as "Kalamasi" meaning the fowl having black flesh. Jhabua and Dhar districts of Madhya Pradesh and the adjoining districts of Rajasthan and Gujarat spreading over an area of about 800sq. miles is considered to be its home tract.
  • These are mostly reared by tribals, adivasis and rural poor. It is considered to be a sacred bird and offered as sacrifice to Goddess after Diwali.
  • The colour of the day old chicks is bluish to black with irregular dark stripes over the back.
  • The flesh of this breed though black and repulsive to look at, is considered not only a delicacy but also of medicinal value.
  • The tribal uses Kadakanath blood in the treatment of chronic disease in human beings and its meat as aphrodisiac.
  • The meat and eggs are reckoned to be a rich source of protein (25.47% in flesh) and iron.
  • Body weight at 20 weeks (g) 920
  • Age at sexual maturity (days) 180
  • Annual egg production (number) 105
  • Egg weight at 40 week (g) 49
  • Fertility (%) 55
  • Hatchability FES (%) 52
HITCARI (Naked Neck Cross)
  • Naked neck is relatively larger in built with long cylindrical neck. As the name indicates, neck of the birds is fully naked or only a tuft of feathers is seen on the front of the neck above crop.
  • The resulting bare skin becomes reddish particularly in males as they approach sexual maturity.
  • Trivundrum region of Kerala is considered to be the homeland of Naked neck
  • Body weight at 20 weeks (g) 1005
  • Age at sexual maturity (days) 201
  • Annual egg production (number) 99
  • Egg weight at 40 week (g) 54
  • Fertility (%) 66
  • Hatchability FES (%) 71
UPCARI (Frizzle Cross)

Unique scavenging type birds developed with native breed base, having typical desi fowl look, better tropical adaptability and disease resistance, exceptional growth and production performance.

Best suited for backyard system of poultry production.

Four varieties of UPCARI birds suitable for different agro-climatic conditions are available.
1. Kadakanath x Dehlam Red
2. Aseel x Dehlam Red
3. Naked Neck x Dehlam Red
4. Frizzle x Dehlam Red

Performance Profile
  • Age at sexual maturity 170-180 days
  • Annual egg production 165-180 eggsEgg size 52-55 g
  • Egg colour Brown
  • Egg quality Excellent Internal quality
  • Livability Above 95%
  • Temperament Active and good forager


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